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Sportspal Canoes
Wide Transom Model


Hunting & Fishing    Family Recreation

Sportspal S-14 with dog and hunter


Sportspal Canoes Are Extremely Stable

Stable For Hunting and Fishing


Great Family Canoe


The Sportspal X-13 is more than a Canoe - It's Unique Style Gives you the light weight of our Sportspal Canoes,  plus a design like a Boat. Shown  powered by a 1-1/2 HP Outboard.



X-13 Sportspal Canoe  is  1928.00 + S&H 

Scroll Down the Page  for Details , Available Options Pricing  and Action Videos

S&H = Shipping & Handling


Sportspal Model S-13XW Wide Transom Canoe

Model X-13 Wide Transom Canoe (shown with optional front gunwale seat)


    From the Sportspal Frequently Asked Questions page 
Q. Is the Sportspal really that stable?

A. Yes, it is one of the most stable canoes that you can buy.  Of course it must also be used properly to achieve maximum stability.  For instance - overloading one end of the canoe will make it unbalanced and affect stability.  It is best to distribute the weight uniformly.  For example, best stability is achieved by having the sponsons evenly level with the water from front to back - this may require putting some gear forward if you are in the boat alone or with a lighter front passenger.  Also, when swimmers or dogs climb into  the Sportspal, it is best for the passenger in the canoe to counterbalance the boat by leaning in the opposite direction.  Many of the testimonials  state that  they stand up in the Sportspal -- this is not recommended for safety reasons and does not mean that you cannot fall out of the boat.  Remember no boat is totally unsinkable or untippable - Remember the Titanic.  Using common sense and good boating practice will add to the Sportspal's integral stability. 


SPORTSPAL  Canoes by Meyers are a premier sporting canoe.  Stretch formed out of hardened aircraft aluminum and lined with Eathafoam (closed cell polyethylene) they won't sink, and the lining makes the canoe very quiet. .  Fully loaded and swamped with water, your SPORTSPAL will continue to float.  The SPORTSPAL is very stable.  Four color options including two camouflage.   A wide flat bottom coupled with the side eathafoam sponsons makes the Sportspal  the most stable canoe available.



Sportspal Model S-12 with Optional Camo cover       
Sportspal Canoes are Low Profile 
Model S-12 shown
Sportspal Canoes are Perfect for Hunting
Model S-14 shown



S-13XW with rowing feature

Preinstalled Paddle Lock sockets allow you to use your paddles as oars, so you can row your Sportspal Canoe.  Adding Option CL-1 quickly converts your paddles to an oar.



Sportspal Wide Transom Canoes

The Sportspal Canoe by Meyers was especially designed for fishing and hunting. Being very light, it is easy to portage.  And, of course, since you virtually cannot sink a Sportspal, all that valuable gear that sportsmen carry have less chance of accidental loss. Also the canoe design gives you much more room than many duck or layout boats.  The Sportspal is designed to give year round use, adaptable to many sports activities.  


Sportspal Canoe Logo

Sportspal Wide Transom Canoe Model

X-13 13'-0" 38" 44" 28.5" Width 72 LB .032 555 LB** 2


*Transom Height is 15" -  Suitable for Short Shaft Gas Outboards.

 **Weight capacity is set by the US Coast Guard Relegations, however when the USCG tested the Model X-13, they filled the canoe with 1500 lbs of weight before any water came into the boat over the gunwales as a result of  the test.





Sportspal XW-13 Canoe
Sportspal Model X-13 Canoe - Side View
with options:  gunwale seats and  Birchbark Yellow Color

Sportspal Model XW-13 Canoe
Sportspal Model X-13 Canoe - Top View
with options:  gunwale seats and  Birchbark Yellow Color

Sportspal Model XW-13 Canoe
Sportspal Model X-13 Canoe - Angle View
with options:  gunwale seats and  Birchbark Yellow Color

Sportspal XW-13 top view of three gunwale seats
Sportspal Model X-13 Canoe - Top View
with options:   Three gunwale seats and  Birchbark Yellow Color





S-13XW wiith optioanl sculling oar

The preinstalled paddle lock socket on the transom allows use of a sculling paddle or steering paddle.

Made in the USA

Sportspal Canoe Logo Sportspal Quality

The Sportspal by Meyers is manufactured from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, which is then stretch-formed, heat treated and hardened.  The  two piece hull is joined at the keel.  This makes the Sportspal by Meyers very durable.  The Sportspal by Meyers, Made in the USA,  should not be confused with another canoe manufactured in Canada, whose hull is composed of thinner (0.022), softer (marine grade) aluminum.  The Sponsons and Liner on the Sportspal by Meyers are also larger and thicker than the Canadian model.




S-13XW Wide Transom Detail View

The Wide Transom is reinforced and has heavy duty corner castings.  Note the Paddle Lock socket installed on the transom to allow you to scull or steer with a paddle, when you add the CL-1 option which clamps onto the paddle to convert it to an oar.




Sportspal S-13XW Wide Transom Canoe

Sportspal Model X-13  has an extra-wide transom
(shown with optional front gunwale seat)



Sportspal  Canoe Decal Logo
Current Sportspal Logo

Note:  Sportspal Logos on canoes are Black
White  Logos in  photos are  for  clarity only


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Sportspal X-13  in Red color option with standard rear gunwale seat and optional optional front and center gunwale seats.  Total three gunwale seats.





X-13 Sportspal Canoe  is  1928.00  + S&H 

S&H = Shipping & Handling

 Above Sportspal Canoe prices include the following:
  • FREE Front & Rear Gunwale Seat Upgrade*

  • 2 Paddles
    Carry Handles

  • Rope Gripper

*FREE Gunwale Seats Upgrade replaces the standard Eathafoam Seats


Popular Options

CL-1  Paddle Locks (converts paddle to an oar) * 39.95 pair
GW-RO     Front Gunwale Seat substituted for front eathafoam seat # 19.95
GW-CS Center Gunwale Seat ( third seat) 89.95
ES-1 Extra Eathafoam seat for center use ( third seat) 49.95
DS-1 DS- 1 Drop In Center Seat 139.00
OD-1 Olive Drab Hull Color (standard unless specified) No Cost
BB-1 Birchbark Yellow Hull Color No Cost
RD-1 Red Hull Color No Cost
FG-1 Forest Green Hull   Color No Cost
LV-3 Class III Deluxe Life Vest 49.95
CSB-1 CSB-1 Strap On Seat   for Back Support 49.95



* at least one Eathafoam seat is needed for rowing with CL-1 Paddle Locks option, or you may add option GW-CS Center Gunwale Seat , however, specify when ordering that you wish the GW-CS installed for the rowing position

# when you choose this upgrade option, the standard eathafoam seats are deleted and the front and rear gunwale seats are installed in place of them.+



Sportspal Canoe Seat Options 
There are Two Types of Seat Options Available for the Sportspal Canoe

Eathfoam seats   Gunwale seats
Eathafoam Seats Stow in Bulkhead when not in use.  These are loose seats that sit anywhere in the bottom of the canoe.  They provide maximum stability due to their low center of gravity.  Their  low profile makes them a favorite of hunters.   Gunwale Seats are aluminum with an eathafoam pad on top.  These are bench style, suspended seats.  You sit high up in the canoe with a gunwale seat.  Most fishermen prefer to sit higher, so they choose these style seats.



Eathafoam Seat Option

Eathafoam Seat in Position   Eathfoam Seat
Eathafoam Seat with back against
thwart. Sitting on bottom gives 
maximum stability
  Eathafoam Seat in Rowing Position.
Low profile is favored by hunters



Gunwale Seat Option

Gunwale seat       Gunwale seat
Gunwale Seats are Optional  bolted in
Bench Seats
  Gunwale Seats let you sit higher -
The Fisherman's Choice



Center Gunwale Seat Options

      Sportspal Canoe with optional DS-1 Drop In seat
Optional GW-CS Center Gunwale Seat is bolted in place.   DS- 1 Drop In Center Seat Easily Installs and  Quickly Removes



Strap On  Seat Option

This Strap On Seat Option allows you to add back support while you canoe.  It can also be used as a Camping Chair or a Stadium Seat.  It only fits atop the Gunwale Seat Option.
Optional CSB-1 
Installs Easily

CSB-1   Straps  on  to
 any open Gunwale Seat





Sportspal canoe Olive Drab Color Option
Olive Drab

Sportspal canoe Bichbark Yellow Color Option
Birchbark Yellow

Sportspal Canoe Red Color Option

Sportspal Canoe Forest Green Color
Forest Green


Option CL-1 Paddle locks for Sportspal Canoes     Option CL-1 Paddle locks for Sportspal Canoes

Wing Nuts make mounting easy

  CL-1 Option quickly converts any paddle to an oar



Class III Life Vest Class III Life Vests are available in  the following size:

Adult  -  90 lbs and over

Typical representations only.  Actual specifications and colors may vary.  Photos are examples only of a Type III PFD Life Vest.

Class III Life Vests




Frequently Asked 















 Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL