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CastleCraft  Trailer Racks
CastleCraft Seitech, Dynamic Racks Convert your existing trailer  to a multi-boat 
carrier For Small Sailboats, SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards  and Other Boats


Trailer  Rack for 2  -"A" Boats   is 929.00 + FREE Shipping  (48 USA)

Scroll Down the Page  for Other Sizes , and Pricing  



Seitech 3 Boats on Trailer with Van
3 Boat Trailer Rack



Seitech-Trailer Rack for 2 Laser Sailboat -1.jpg
 Trailer Conversion Rack Installed to carry two Boats.  Laser Sailboat Shown



Trailer Conversion Rack for Boats and Sailboats

Typical Custom Three Boat Rack Used to Convert a Flatbed Trailer for Sailboat or Boats



The Trailer Rack attaches to your existing trailer to give you multi-boat capacity.  Allows from 2 to 4  boats to be carried.  Order Optional U-Bolts  to allow them to be attached to your trailer

3 Tier Trailer Rack
Trailer not included

Made of Aluminum, with engineered plastic joints, through-bolted stainless steel fasteners 


Seitech Rack on customer trailer
Custom Conversion Rack Setup - for  Side loading Small Boats such as Optimist - Opti,  Sabot,  El Toro, or  carrying Standard Sunfish, Laser or  420  type Sailboats lengthwise. Typical Rack on customer supplied trailer, with optional rack pads


3 Model 420 sailboats on rack Seitech 3 Boat rack with 4th tier for spars

Trailer not included

3 Boat Rack

Attach with U-Bolts for Most Trailers.
Order Optional  U-Bolts



Seitech Trailer Conversion Racks for Small Sailboats, and other Boats
Easily Carry a Whole Clubs set of Small  Sailboats on the Trailer Rack System



Seitech Trailer Conversion Racks for Small Sailboats, and other Boats
Add an Existing Level to your Small Sailboat Trailer



  Seitech Trailer Conversion Racks for Small Sailboats, and other Boats
Families can Take all of their Small Sailboats together with one Vehicle



Seitech Trailer Conversion Racks for Small Sailboats, and other Boats
Five Boat Trailer Rack  carries 3 Boats plus  2 on the Sides



How to Measure your Trailer.

Option 1: Specify the trailer make and model. 
Option 2: Provide   the “Trailer Measurement Form"

Many of the dimensions on the trailer measurement form aren’t absolutely necessary (especially for a simple box rack).
All that is needed:
a. picture of the trailer If not available -Describe- i.e. Does it look like the Diagrams Layout?
b. The trailer frame width between fenders. "A" on Diagram
c. Total length of trailer. "F" on Diagram


Diagram References

A- width of the trailer frame 
B- width from outside fender to outside fender 
C- from axle to back of rear channel 
D- from center bar to back of rear channel
       (some trailers do not have this center bar) 

E- from forward cross channel to back of rear channel 
F- overall length from ball coupler to back of rear channel 
G- width of tongue 
H- from start of side channels to back of rear channel 
I - height of fender top over frame channel
J - length of rear channel, if applicable
K- width of side frame


Trailer attaches to  Two Lower Cross Bar Sections and Brackets.   These Cross Bars are fixed position and the same width as upper Box Rack..  This allows easy attachment with the Optional  3" x 6" U-Bolts.  Due to the Wide  Variety of Trailers, this Rack  MAY REQUIRE   other attachment Hardware to fit your Trailer.  However, Common Brackets and Attachments, can be Found in Hardware and  Automotive Parts Stores. Installing this Rack  Does Require A  Fair Amount of Mechanical Knowledge.

"A" Size Racks are  typically 65 inches wide (designed for boats 58" wide) and Fore to Aft Spacing is typically 63  inches.  Actual size may vary depending on boat and trailer models.

"B" Size Racks are typically 75 inches wide (designed for boats 68" wide) and Fore to Aft Spacing is typically  63 inches.  Actual size may vary depending on boat and trailer models.

Carefully measure your trailer to make sure rack will clear Wheel wells, Fenders and other attachments our your trailer.




Trailer Conversion  Racks for Sailboats
Also For  SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards,
Row Boats, and other Boats

All Sailboat Racks have unpadded rails

optional rail pads are available


CC-TB2A   Box - 2 - A* size Sailboats 
 Equivalent to: 772000-73500   & 20012

$   929.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)

CC-TB3A   Box - 3 - A* size Sailboats 
Equivalent to:  72001-73500 & 20014

$ 1349.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-TB4A  Box - 4 - A* size Sailboats 
Equivalent to: 72002-73500  & 2000X
CC-TB2B   Box - 2 - B* size Sailboats 
Equivalent to: 72003-73501 & 20012
$   929.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-TB3B   Box - 3 - B* size Sailboats 
Equivalent to: 72004-73501 & 20014
$ 1349.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-TB5B Box - 5  A* Size Sailboats
 3 High, 2 on Sides for Sunfish & laser Style Bots
$ 1370.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-TB8O    BOX Rack For 8  Optimist  Sailboats - Equivalent to: 20022    
 Has 4 Tiers - carries boats sideways
 4  Opti  Boats High x 2 Opti Boats Wide
$ 2800.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Large Custom Rack Systems - Call    
CC-RP2    Optional Rack Pads - Set of Two - 24"
Equivalent to:  78500  & 80030  Red Color Only
 $ 49.95 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Only when ordered with rack
CC-U-Bolt-4      Set of Four U- Bolts  (3" X 6" )
Equivalent to:  70019          (zinc plated   steel)
$ 79.95 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Only when ordered with rack
CC-Strap-15   Set of Two 15' Tie Down Straps
Equivalent to:  80014
$ 28.95 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Only when ordered with rack

Weight Capacity for Box Racks is 300 Lbs per level - Example - 3 High Rack Total Capacity is 900 Lbs

"A" Style Racks fit Laser, Sunfish and similar Boats up to 58" beam

"B" Style Racks fit JY15, Vanguard 15, 420, MXRay, and similar Boats up to 68" beam

Note: Add an extra  tier  to allow longer spars to be carried on top tier of rack
(i.e.  have two boats order a three boat rack for extra spar storage space )



Trailer Rack Attachment with Optional U-Bolts

Trailer Rack for Sailboat attached with U bolts U bolt installed on Trailer Rack for Boats U Bolt for attaching Sailboat Rack to Trailer
   Cross Bars can be attached
   to  Trailer with U-Bolts

     Typical Attachment on Front
     of Trailer "A" Frame

Optional U-Bolt is
 3" Wide x 6" High



Optional Equipment for Trailer Racks

       Trailer Conversion Rack for Sailboats - Straps
 Optional Rack pads are 24" long - Sets come in Pairs Order 2 Sets Per Boat (Front & Rear) colors vary.   Set of Two 15 foot Tie Down Straps with Protective Pad under Buckle







Trailex Rack Kit Menu
 Racks to Convert 
Trailer to a Canoe or Kayak Trailer 


Seitech Rack-menu






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